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In the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in the population of single parents, particularly single mothers. refers to increase in the number of divorced/separated single mothers and also women who opt to become Single Mothers by Choice. Raising a child all alone is a daunting task for every single mother. Keeping in mind the difficulties that come in the way of providing the children a healthy life, there are variety of programs and aids available to help single moms lead a better life. No one can deny the hardships in the way of Single Parenthood. Being a single parent requires a good deal of courage and hard work to impart a good life to the family. It is of utmost important to stay informed about the sources of help around that are meant to ease off the trouble of life. There are number of programs and grants that can help single parents in variety of ways in different phases of life.

Single mothers can seek help from local and government bodies besides contacting religious organizations for aid. For single mothers who wish to pursue studies can take advantage from the Pell Grants offered by Government. According to recent changes in the grants offered by Pell program, government has increased the amount to $5,500 to help single mothers achieve their educational dreams in a better way. Single mothers that fall in the low income group qualify for these grants.

Single mothers can take advantage of Free Application for Federal Student Aid by electronically submitting the forms. The educational grants offered to the student are either directly paid to them or goes to their school account. Many non-profit organizations have also come up to provide the single mothers with needful educational help. Most of the single mothers who do not have time and money to travel to colleges or schools can take advantage from online classes and programs. Working single mothers find such online educational programs immensely helpful.

PPA (Participation for Prescription Assistance) is another program that assists single mothers financially in seeking medical help. In order to provide the qualified single mothers with needful treatment coverage, this program works by joint effort of doctors, medical practitioners, and pharmacists. Single mothers who are disabled or have children with certain disabilities can benefit from special programs. Single mothers with learning disabilities can take advantage from special programs after qualifying through testing and screening phases. Assistance for Single Mothers is readily available around. One needs to be diligent about the need to look at the right place. Internet search engines like Yahoo and Google can provide you with needful help while searching. Seeking right help in the hour of needs can help save you from the unnecessary stress and the phases of a tough life. Just a little bit of research and effort in finding and these programs can help you lead a better life.

There are various difficulties in the life of a single mother. Creating a balance with provision of daily requirements in view of ever-increasing costs is not an easy task. In order to ease off the life of various single moms, there are many types of Single Mother Assistance programs that aim to help single moms lead a better life.

There are various local, state, and federal government bodies that intend to lend a helping hand to Single Mothers in meeting the necessities of life. They can be availed in the form of financial assistance programs or grants for single moms. A single mother has all the familial responsibilities on her shoulders. In today’s time when raising the kids well is a challenge for both the parents, a single mother takes the responsibility of doing it all alone. It is thus important that every single mother should look around to seek needful help from the sources available to ease off the burden of life.


There are various support groups and religious organizations that offer help to different sections of society including single mothers. The single moms who cannot finalize their divorce proceedings due to financial difficulties can also seek help from many organizations. Such agencies also offer foster care for the welfare and security of child in many cases.

In order to seek Financial Help for Single Mothers, offices of local government bodies can be contacted for detailed information on programs policies. A number of non-profit organizations, foundations, and educational institutions can be contacted to seek needful help. In order to help single moms with pursuing further education, universities and colleges offer grants and aids. There are a number of grants and aids available for single moms who wish to chase their educational dreams.

A single mother needs to be very resourceful and should find best ways to meet the demands of her kids. By seeking timely help by assistance programs, she can ease up many difficulties of life. For the need of a secure shelter, there are various housing assistance programs available as well. Daycare help can also be sought by the single moms with young kids.


American Red Cross, Rural Assistance, Community Action Organization, Salvation Army, and churches can be contacted to seek help for single moms. Various programs have their own qualification criteria. Forms should be properly filled out and correct information should be provided. Federal HEAT Program helps provide single moms with needful help in keeping the house warm during winter months. It provides assistance with the heating expenses of the house in the winter months.

If you wish to find ways to provide your kids a stable and a healthy life and chase your dreams, you can seek benefit from the variety of assistance programs. All you need to do is take the help of Internet to locate the sources. Seek help in a timely manner to lead a stable and secure life.